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Rodney King shot by birdshot

Well, ain’t this just a bitch. More than ten years after the riots in LA, Rodney King is in the news again for something shady. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with his exploits, he’s been in trouble with the law for a variety of small-time crimes, such as speeding, driving while intoxicated, and drug possession. He’s basically been leading the kind of Lindsay-Lohan style life that gets you repeatedly into small-time trouble.

Now it’s possible that this is just the kind of guy he is. He was, after all, involved in a high speed chase before he got his civil rights literally beaten out of him on that fateful day in 1994. And whatever. There’s plenty of folks of every race and creed who get repeatedly involved in petty crimes like this. But I guess I’m prone to see patterns where maybe there aren’t any, and it bothers me. Thinking back to the riots let me to dig a little into the white trucker that was beaten during the riots, and the black kids who did it. Like the cops who beat Rodney King, they were acquitted. But out of the six of them, one was later shot dead in a nightclub, and one is currently serving life for killing a drug dealer. Again, you could chalk this all up to lifestyle choices: the “LA Four” were members of the crips, and clearly they chose to beat a white trucker nearly half-to-death. But I wonder if there isn’t a larger point you can make here about being trapped in a cycle. Even though he achieved a measure of national celebrity, and a $4million dollar settlement, Rodney just can’t seem to keep out of trouble. Despite being found innocent of a beating a guy half to death, the LA Four haven’t faired much better. By contrast, the white people in these situations seem to be doing relatively fine (other than losing their jobs and having his head caved in… subsequently they seem to be doing alright).

Imus is back

Last week, WABC announced that Imus will be back on the air, probably sometime in December. I, for one, support his return; and it’s an interesting contrast for me with Dog the Bounty Hunter, who I blogged about yesterday. Although in the first couple of days of the controversy Imus sounded petulent, he did eventually come around to really apologizing. He talked it out with Reverend Sharpton. He got fired and took his punishment without whining in the public outlets like a lot of people would.

I’m cynical enough to believe that almost everyone is racist. I’d rather it be out in the open then closeted. Because it it’s out, we can deal with it. And in this case, Imus and his bosses at the networks _have_ dealt with it. I think we can be ready to move on.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

The most recent celebrity flap involves this Hawaiian celebrity bounty hunter. I used to kind of like this guy. It was easy to write off his show, if you hadn’t seen it; but if you did see, it has a suprisingly sensitive side. Well, it seems that was a bit of an act. Turns out his son has been dating a black girl, and Mr. Dog did not approve. He called his son to explain to him the dangers of misgenation, and, during the course of the argument dropped the n-word a whole buncha times.

Well, Dog Junior was non-plussed about this, and maybe a bit strapped for cash. So, he concocted a way to get back at his Papa. He recorded the conversation and sold it to the tabloids. Now Dog is off the air and apologizing, saying that he’s not a racist and that he just lost his temper.

Okay. I think I’m relatively forgiving of a lot of things. I think that almost all of us are racist, and that if we can accept that we should forgive and try to heal and move on. But this douche hasn’t admitted that he’s racist, has he? If you’re not racist, you don’t call a potential daughter-in-law a nigger. If you think she’s dumb, you call her dumb. If you think she’s a bad person, you call her a bitch. The only reason to call her a nigger is if you have something against black women in general. You’re a racist. If you’d accept it, and admit I might be able to at least say you’re trying. But by avoiding the issue, you’re only showing that it’s still a problem.

It also telling that Dog’s son knew what was going to happen. He knew it well enough to know to record the phone call. This means that Dog makes a habit of calling black folk out. He’s made his opinion of interracial relationships known. He’s a bigot. It’s cut and dried. And it’s a shame.