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My well intentioned father-in-law

My father in law often recommends shows to me. I’ve noticed a trend when he recommends stuff from when he was a kid. First it was Charlie Chan mysteries. More recently, it was Gunga Din. Both outdated attempts to make minorities look heroic, which are now kind of painful to watch because of the extremely accentuated stereotypes. Charlie Chan is a smart guy, and a great detective. But that slanty-eyed make-up and the crazy thick (and not at all accurate) Chinese accent! Gunga Din is a loyal and brave. But, Kipling is not the best poet to quote from regarding race equality (cf. “White Man’s Burden”). And, while Gunga Din himself is good, most of his country men are portrayed as fanatical and bizarre cultists. All in all, I feel better off for having watched these, but I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it. It was more cringe-worthy than it was entertaining.