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My mother is black, and my father is white. I walk among you.

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LMFAO, a band of black white men

The two guys from LMFAO are both mixed like me, as is obvious if you listen to their lyrics:

Where the drank? I gots to know
Tight jeans, tattoo, cause I’m rock and roll
Half-black, half-white: dominoExplain
Game the money out the door

The two members of the band are actually related, and they are both related to the venerable Berry Gordy, founder of Motown, and perhaps more importantly responsible for maybe the best movie ever, “Bruce Leroy: the Last Dragon”. The two guys in LMFAO go by the names “Redfoo” and “SkyBlue”. Berry Gordy is Redfoo’s father and SkyBlue’s grandfather.

My family is quite complicated, so I sympathize with the complexity of what I’m about to explain. So, Redfoo’s father is Skyblue’s Grandfather, but by different women. Redfoo’s mother is a lady named Nancy Leiviska. SkyBlue’s grandmother is Berry Gordy’s first wife, Thelma Coleman. Berry Gordy and Thelma Coleman had a son named Berry Gordy IV, who married Valerie Robeson, SkyBlue’s mother. Nancy Leiviska and Valerie Robeson are both White. I assume that Thelma Coleman is Black. So, even though SkyBlue and Redfoo are in different generations, they both have a Black father and a White mother.

Why are so many multi-racial folk so sexy?!

I’m beginning to feel a little cheated here. I may have known this already somewhere in my head, but I just found out that Alicia Keys has one Black and one White parent. Her, Halle Berry, Vin Deisel, Slash, Barack Obama, Soledad O’Brian, Rashida Jones… am I the only Black White person who isn’t drop dead amazingly hot? How did all these folks end up totally smoking, and I’m a short, gangly hairy hobbit-looking dude? Sheesh.

Racist asshole rants about Obama pre-empting football, and I am not suprised

“Take that nigger off the TV we wanna watch football” (via Deadspin)

I was surprised to see this news article that some idiot was spewing racial epithets on Twitter, not because I’m surprised by racism on Twitter, but that I’m surprised it was a news article. I’ve always kind of assumed that this sort of thing goes on on Twitter (and the rest of the Internet) all the time, all day every day. To me, this headline seemed like a story about a man getting in an accident on his way to work, or a co-worker hitting reply-all by mistake and embarassing herself. Perhaps they are interesting stories in themselves, but not at all unusual enough to be considered newsworthy.

But, is it possible I’m wrong about the amount of vitriol that gets spewed at the president? Maybe it’s more eccentric than I give it credit for. I’ve been known to over-predict racism (I didn’t think Obama had a chance to win the presidency, for example). So, sometimes I have to check my assumptions. I’d like to think that the Internet is a less racist place than I give it credit for — but I doubt it. Maybe this is news because the guy is ostensibly a member of a major college football team?