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Obama and the Black Community: Four Years Later, has much changed?

This is an interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor: As Obama meets black leaders, four facts on race and the economy. I would be interested to see how much these stats have changed in the past two years, to compare one presidential cycle to another. My guess is that the three economic indicators–employment, income and housing–have not changed much, but that the rate of optimism has dropped significantly.

All the reasons Romney lost

Today, while I was listening to morning radio, I heard three different commentators talking about why Romney lost to Obama. One said it was because he failed to get enough of the Hispanic vote. One blamed it on a lack of traction with young voters. One said it had to do with non-Christians not voting for him. Later, a friend of mine showed me at length how he had lost because Ron Paul supporters didn’t vote for him.

The interesting thing to me about this is the assessment that’s being made by Bill O’Reilly and others — that no longer are old, rich, White Christian men the majority. “Traditional America” is going the way of the dinosaur. As much as I would like this to be true, I don’t think it’s really the take home message. I think if Mitt Romney had won over one or two of these aforementioned groups, then he would have won. So, it’s not that Republicans need to cater to the entire diversity of American culture in the future (although, that would certainly be nice!). Rather, it’s that they can’t continue to piss *everyone* off. It’s not that those old, rich, White, Christian men are no longer the majority. It’s that they are no longer what the Senate calls a super-majority. They still have enormous power, both because they are the largest voting block, and because they have more power proportional power for their numbers. They simply no longer have enough power to push a candidate through unilaterally.

Shit people say to transracial families

Recently, I’ve been making good friends with a family of White parents who have adopted two daughters, one who is White and one who is Black. I find that, although our stories are very different, I find I have a lot in common with them. I’m a multiracial guy in an interracial marriage. And they’re a family with a transracial adoption. Somehow, being on the margins of racial identity, though, puts us in a similar place. It must be the same kind of glue that binds together the diverse elements of the LGBT community, or “people of color” type groups.

Anyway, here is a funny YouTube video about some of the shit that transracial families have to put up with. Enjoy.