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Trayvon Martin: my mom’s reaction

So, after this horrible travesty which is the Trayvon Martin shooting, my well-intentioned, Black mom sends me this weird email telling me that she’s glad that I and my sons don’t have to worry about being targeted for these kinds of attacks.

Now, I certainly don’t want to make it seem that I think the racism I encounter is anything close to what a dark-skinned Black person encounters. It’s not, and I know that. But, there’s a big gap between realizing I’m getting off a little easy to thinking that I’m completely off the hook! It makes me sad to think that my mom doesn’t realize that I’ve been called the n-word, I’ve had swastikas drawn on my door, I’ve had my life threatened, and I’ve been accosted in public. I’ve actually caught just as much flak for *looking* Jewish as I’ve caught for *being* Black. So, yeah, when I’m out in public I do worry about someone doing something to me. Being light-skinned doesn’t, unfortunately, make me not a target.