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Rapper salutes the slave trade

The instances of racism that make me the most sad are those that are internalized racism.   When I was living in Africa, I saw it a lot.   One time, I was riding a bus and we were at one of the standard security checkpoints.   The soldier checking our papers started by saying that although he had black skin, he had a mind like a white man, so we better not try to get anything over on him.   In this country, I think that the problem is perhaps even more severe.   The only things that most Americans of any race learn about Africa are the old colonial images of spear-chucking savages, and the more modern images of Rwandan style civil war.   If this is all that young Black people are learning about Africans, then is it surprising that they consider European involvement — any European involvement — to be beneficial?   Soulja boy got a lot of bad press for his “shout out to the slave masters”, but really this is a failure of education which is much more endemic than one rapper.